I Can Do This!

Welcome to the new year and a fresh start for my little blog and me.

Last year I started my blog with the hope to keep up with it, however, that never happened to me as my work life become a lot busier. I started to have a more active role in helping out open up other sites for the company I work for, it was a good step for me in my profession but it did affect my blog, which wasn’t something I did want. This year, however, will be different I have more warning of when things like this will be happening so I can plan my blog a lot better than I did.

  • New posts will be up every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7 PM UK time.
  • Sunday will be my highly lazy day where my blog is concerned, I will be devoting my Sundays to reading and giving some love to other blogs!
  • The other days where I am not preparing my posts, I will be working to make my social media better!
  • I hope to gain more follows on my blog and hopefully reach 200 by the end of the year!
  • I’d love to also become more active in the blogging community and gain more friends out of it, whether that be friends I get to go out and meet or just friends I have there over the internet.

I would like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog especially when the content wasn’t at it’s best, I make this promise to you that it will from now on be consistent and the content will be worth reading.

What are your goals for this year?

Kelly Louise


Explaining my Tattoos.. Part 3

Firstly – HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this is an excellent year for you.

The third one I had done was the words “Never Look Back” on the side of my hand.

This tattoo does have a reason behind it. It was such a simple tattoo to have done at such a complicated time in my life. I was on the verge of breaking up with a boyfriend, and I knew it was something that I wanted and needed to do for myself, but that never meant it was something that was going to be easy for me to do. It was very hard ill admit it. But at some point in life, you do need to do what is best for you and not to look back and take yourself back into that place you were before. So once I had made that step and split from him, there were many times I was thinking maybe I should go back but I was always telling myself “never look back” and that’s where the idea come from for this tattoo.

You can see Part 2 – Here.

Little Me