I needed a little pick me up!

Whenever I am feeling a little low I always find a way to cheer myself up, whether it’s actually buying anything or just having a little browse around. This time around I did go out with the intention to buy some new makeup, however, I couldn’t find anything that I really wanted or needed, so I stuck to looking for skincare. All of these I managed to get from Superdrug:

Barry’M Lip Scrub – £4.99

Olay’s 2 in 1 Hydration and Radiant Glow Cream – £9.99

Olay’s 2 in 1 Hydration and Flawless Blur Cream – £9.99

Vitamin E Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator – £2.99 

Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil – £2.99 

Garnier Micellar Extra Gentle Cleansing Wipes – £3.45 

Then I also nipped into a Wilkinsons for a bin for home when I started looking at stationary. I’ve been wanting to buy a cute little project pad for when I am out and about and I get ideas for blogs posts in my head, I absolutely hate not being able to write them down straight away and then forgetting about them. That’s where I found this adorable little notepad with 4 tabs inside it, each tab has a little saying on it which gives me a smile each time I read them. I also bought some pens to go alongside and I simply only chose this because they reminded me of my childhood!

What do you do when you are feeling a little low?

Kelly Louise


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