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Foundations.. Where do I start with them, I am highly fussy when it comes to my foundation. I generally stay away from buying new foundations as when I have I don’t seem to like them and they stay sat on top of my mirror until I decide to go back to them to try again and give them a second chance. Another problem I seem to have is I can never seem to find the right colour for me sometimes I can get it accurate and then sometimes it’s completely different to my skin tone.

However, with L’oreal True Match foundation I think its perfect for me and I will always go back to it after I have tried another one out.

Price: £9.99 – I really don’t think you could go wrong with the price it’s not too expensive if you are on a budget. I know there are cheaper ones out there but I think this is a perfect foundation so I would always pay this price for a foundation that gives me everything I need.

Coverage: I find that the coverage for this foundation is actually perfect for me. You can make it a little coverage or a full coverage if you would want to. Using a sponge and dabbing it around your face very lightly using the minimum amount can give you that even coverage so it will barely look like you have any on. Then I have found if I use a foundation brush to apply the product and then get any excess off with the sponge you can get a higher coverage without your face looking caked in foundation.

Staying Power: Amazing –  I have found that this foundation has been through so much with me all the different types of weather and nothing seems to disturb it. I work long days and I have always wanted a foundation that lasts the day, not just a few hours. Without a doubt, this is the foundation that achieves that for me!

What’s your favourite foundation?

Kelly Louise


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    1. I’d love to use bb creams some days over my foundation but I’m that used to the coverage you get from foundation mow, i’d find it hard to switch. X

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