What I do when I lose motivation…

Losing motivation for blogging can be hard.

When you sit down and log into your blog, the next thing you know a half hour has passed you by and you haven’t even done anything but sign on to your blog. It then all of a sudden dawns on you that you don’t know what you are doing and the motivation you thought you had has disappeared. In the end, you close the laptop a little frustrated with yourself.

Whenever this happens it what you do next that helps you regain that motivation and love your blog for what you have made it. Here’s what i do:

  • Stay away from my blog at least for a few days.
  • Read other peoples blogs, maybe find a little inspiration.
  • Don’t get frustrated that I can’t write.
  • Take some time and pamper me.
  • Read a book to help myself relax.
  • Have some family time.

Before I lose any motivation there are steps I try and put in place so that my blog doesn’t feel any effect of it:

  • Schedule at least 2 or more weeks of blog posts at all times.
  • Schedule tweets to promote those posts that will go live.
  • Have blog post title’s drafted just in case opening up my blog and seeing the empty post with a titles helps me.

I know that my motivation will come back to me and it generally will always come back to me before that last scheduled post has gone live, which means I am always in time to catch my blog before it sees a missed post.

What’s your way to refind motivation for something you love?

Kelly Louise


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