Can i eat this?

Would it be wrong to eat my lip scrub?

I was never have used a lip scrub, I have generally just made my own with lip balm and a little bit of sugar. I guess though there does come a time when its time to buy a proper lip scrub and it was that time for me. I didn’t want to buy one that cost too much in case I didn’t like it, so I stayed cheap and with a brand, I know has never failed me on anything else. Barry’M.

Barry’M have 2 lip scrubs out that I know of a peppermint one and a mango one. I chose the mango one out of the two as I’m not the biggest fan of peppermint if I’m honest and oh wow, the taste that you get on your lips is very flavourful. They cost a little £4.99 each which I think is a highly reasonable price for the product.  I used the scrub once and I was in love with it. You don’t need to use a large amount of it when using it, the smallest amount does have the job done perfectly.

When you are wearing matte lipsticks or any other dry lipsticks, your lips really do take all they could, especially when you aren’t using anything to help hydrate them once again. I took it to the point where my lips were beginning to feel dry daily and I still did nothing about it. Until now, finally, when putting lipstick on again it looks more flawless than what it did when I had dryer lips.

What’s your favourite lip scrub?

Kelly Louise


What I do when I lose motivation…

Losing motivation for blogging can be hard.

When you sit down and log into your blog, the next thing you know a half hour has passed you by and you haven’t even done anything but sign on to your blog. It then all of a sudden dawns on you that you don’t know what you are doing and the motivation you thought you had has disappeared. In the end, you close the laptop a little frustrated with yourself.

Whenever this happens it what you do next that helps you regain that motivation and love your blog for what you have made it. Here’s what i do:

  • Stay away from my blog at least for a few days.
  • Read other peoples blogs, maybe find a little inspiration.
  • Don’t get frustrated that I can’t write.
  • Take some time and pamper me.
  • Read a book to help myself relax.
  • Have some family time.

Before I lose any motivation there are steps I try and put in place so that my blog doesn’t feel any effect of it:

  • Schedule at least 2 or more weeks of blog posts at all times.
  • Schedule tweets to promote those posts that will go live.
  • Have blog post title’s drafted just in case opening up my blog and seeing the empty post with a titles helps me.

I know that my motivation will come back to me and it generally will always come back to me before that last scheduled post has gone live, which means I am always in time to catch my blog before it sees a missed post.

What’s your way to refind motivation for something you love?

Kelly Louise


I made a 3 day rule…

When you are in a relationship, thinking about yourself all the time becomes a thing of the past. You make sacrifices and agreements which work with you and your partner, all of which have to be fair to both sides.

I have always found in relationships I’m always the one with the lower sex drive, which at times can take its toll on my partner which in turn has led to several arguments which were unnecessary. This has happened several times for me now, that’s when I came up with the 3-day rule. This ensures my partner that I will not leave him waiting longer than 3 days for sex and it also gives me 2 days where I know if I’m not feeling in the mood I won’t have him pestering for sex. In the first 2 days, he has to leave me to go to him if I want it and on the third day that is when he is able to approach me knowing at some point he will get it that day. The only time this rule doesn’t count is when I’m not feeling well and he knows that when I have sex when I’m unwell it will only make me feel worse. Even then I will always offer to help him out and get his release if he really feels he needs it.

This is something that works amazingly for my relationship. It has reduced any arguments we have. I feel like being like this makes things less stressful for me as I know my sex drive isn’t as high as my partners and it gets to the point where I do feel bad but with this rule, it makes it fair for us both and I don’t feel like I had to do it, I’m more willing as there have been no arguments and I’ve not been asked for days.

Would you think of ever doing anything like this?

Kelly Louise