Murder and Living With Someone Who’s Had To Deal With It…

So this post has been something that’s been on my mind since I started blogging it was always a should i/shouldn’t I situation. I do have full approval from my partner that I am allowed to talk about as this was something that happened before I was around, only a year before but still even though I do go through all the emotions and after effects with him I still wouldn’t write this post without his approval. Before me, my partner had two beautiful little girls aged 1 year old and 3 years old.  It’s these little girls who unfortunately were murdered by their own mother someone who is supposed to love and protect them more than anyone in this world.

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Becoming An Assistant Manager At 22..

So here is a little insight into what I do for a living.

When I was 17 years old I started work at a petrol station, I wasn’t however allowed to work on my own as you do have to be 18 years old to work at a petrol station. I had dropped out of college as I wasn’t enjoying what I did, by which time my mum and dad told me I had to get a job as I was still living with them and was no longer in education. Time to start paying my way in life.  For around 3 years I was a sales assistant and that was as far as my job would go I would leave work and that would it be for the day.

However, when I turned around 20 years old I had become a supervisor. This meant I had a little more intel and a few more jobs to do when I was going to work, this would mean whenever the manager was off work I would be covering for her so I really had to learn the job inside out. This is something I have been proud of knowing I can do it. also, this means I have the experience for when it comes to me looking for a new job.

By 22 years old I was working as an assistant manager. I’d shown I was capable and I was willing to learn more about the company and how to do things.  When you have worked somewhere for so long you already know how everything works, you know the workplace like the back of your hand and what helps it grow and what will deter it from growing.  I then had my area manager asking me a lot about when I was going to pass my driving test, this was so she could send me out to other sites to help open them up. Now for the past 3-4 months, i have spent weeks at other sites training staff up and helping open up a new store. I can be very rewarding for some of the people you can meet however you can also meet some who don’t agree with you. I have found being an assistant manager at a young age you can come across some of the older generations who don’t agree with it and they will not take anything you tell them on board. I just seem to get a lot of dirty looks from them as if they are asking me who I think I am telling them what to do.

I do have a love-hate relationship with my job. There are days I wish I could go home and leave work at work like I used to be able to when I was 17, now I can get phone calls when I am at home asking for help or telling me something has gone wrong. And then there are days where I love the calls, I love having that responsibility and being able to help someone when they need it. I have found days where I want to have a new job, but I would also miss some of the staff who have become friends and the customers who you know you can have fun with. The only thing I wouldn’t miss about the job is the difficult customers, anyone who works in retail will understand this, the aggression you can receive just for doing your job is unreal.

What do you do for a living?

Kelly Louise


Harry Potter Studios…

My boyfriend had decided to surprise me with a trip to the Harry Potter Studios a few week back for my birthday. I have to say he did so well with this. He knows how much love I have for the films, so I was highly excited when I found out the day before, even with having to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning having me feel like it was another work day. I had been told about the tour from my boyfriend’s brother who had been with his partner who is an avid fan. He mentioned how you are also able to try their butterbeer but really wouldn’t recommend it as he found it vile. Personally, I wish I hadn’t it really wasn’t nice. I’d just thought I would share some of the pictures that I got while walking around.

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Moving Out Again…

Hello, How has your weekend been?

Moving out again? For me, the first time around it was so easy for me, and I couldn’t wait to move out I was so excited to move. However, no matter how excited I was at the time I think it was for all the wrong reasons, and I just wanted to see what it was like to have full independence away from my parents and to see what it was like, see if I could cope on my own with my then partner. Turns out nope it wasn’t the time for me, and I had moved back to my parents two years later.

Two and a half years later it was time for me to move out again. However, this time for me was a lot different. I wasn’t just moving out of my parents; I was also moving away from my hometown. Yes, it might not have been a thousand miles away as I had been told several times but to me, it was still moving away from everything and everyone I had ever known. It had taken me a year and a half to be able to call my parent’s house home again. I never felt like it was home anymore after being away for so long, it just wasn’t my home. So even after all that I then decided to move away from my hometown and everything that was comforting to me, a huge step for someone like me who sad I would never do it. This is also what turned me back to blogging. It’s given me my escape while I’m adjusting to moving away from home and finding new comforts in my house and a new hometown.

Moving out is all about having your independence somewhere you can call your home, knowing you can be proud of everything you have achieved inside. When I moved into my partners home I was lucky as I was around when he first got it and everything that has happened inside I was allowed to give my opinion on the layout and the furniture he bought (yes, he never had to listen, and he could have said no) but we both have the same sense of style, luckily.

For me here are some of the comforts:

– Being able to feel safe.

– Enjoying being in my home.

– Having my personal space.

– Adding my items to make it feel like my home.

– Feeling like I don’t have to ask my partner if its okay for me to do something.

Moving out of my parents has so many benefits: Even though I didn’t have to pay out as much as I do now, it’s incredible to feel like I don’t have to depend on my mum and dad for everything. I don’t feeling like they need to feel like they have to look after me or treat me like a child because I still live with them. I found I have so much more respect for my parents after I moved out the first time as I don’t have any children to provide for and at times I have found it can be hard so I dread to think how hard they could have found it at times.

Kelly Louise


**This was a post from Little Yorkshire Girl

These are somethings I’d like to tell my younger self..

The most important thing I want to tell you, love yourself.

It indeed took me a while to know how to love myself without someone’s approval, but I got there. It took for me to have a small break down after a relationship ended and no one seemed to be around for me. I learned to be on my own; I learned to depend on just me. I was the one who sorted all my problems out I didn’t have anyone who would fully listen to me. And as hard as it was it helped me in so many ways.

Never be afraid to be yourself and never be ashamed of your body or what happens too it.

I have been size 16 and size 8, and not one size made me happier than the other, it was different peoples judgment that affected my emotions. Most people are going to be judgemental about you don’t let this dictate your happiness. Be your happiness! I have had many infections (not sexual may I add), and I will openly tell someone what is wrong with me, I didn’t ask to get an infection down there and for it to cause me to be ill. I won’t be ashamed it doesn’t make me a dirty person, it makes me an average person I don’t have the best of immune systems everything seems to make me ill.

Depending on someone isn’t always a bad thing.

I never depend on anyone, and I always thought that was the best way to be, but at nearly 24, I have found that sometimes it isn’t and you do just need someone to vent to and let everything out at times. So no it isn’t always a bad thing just don’t learn to always depend on someone, know you are capable of doing things on your own and sorting your problems out.

Friends will not always be there.

As much as I’d tell my younger self-depending on someone isn’t bad, but depending on the wrong person is. All those friends who ever said they would be there, I wish I never believed it until it was proved. Because there wasn’t anyone there when I needed it. Be very careful who you do depend on.

Moving away isn’t a bad thing either don’t be so scared.

After moving away from my home town don’t get me wrong it is only 30 minutes away by car, but at the time I couldn’t drive. I was so scared to do it, but I got there in the end and took the leap. I still don’t know anyone in the town I live apart from my partners family, but moving away has helped me see who does care and the family and friends I need in my life and which I don’t.

24 Year Old me


**This was a post from Little Yorkshire Girl