Why I Do My Own Nails…

I am always changing my nails weekly and I’ve found sometimes it can be more than once a week. Since I cant stick to having the same nails, it isn’t a good idea for me to pay someone to do them for me not to like them a week later as I would want them off and to be changed. It would cost me so much money in the end.

I have so many nail polishes in my collection, and I am continually adding to them. So I think it would be a waste of time to have them all at there and let someone else do my nails. I have found myself watching endless amounts of YouTube videos to get ideas when I don’t want to keep to the plain design I have most of the time.

I have found that Elegant Touch false nails are the perfect sets to have when it comes to doing your nails yourself as they fit on so perfectly and they do last on average about a week if you not like me who would like to change them more often than not. Also, they are clear, so you have the perfect base for painting a design onto them, especially if you want to add a pattern or something more than plan nails.

I’m pretty much the same with everything saying this. If I were to dye my hair, I would rather do it myself then have someone else do it. Yes, sometimes this isn’t always the best idea as it could have been done a lot quicker with a lot less damage but that’s still a risk I am willing to take.

Would you rather do your nails?

Little Me