My Blog…
All opinions and thoughts on this blog are my own and I do understand that not everyone will agree with them, whether it comes to something I love or dislike. All my opinions on products I use will be 100% honest.
All photographs used in this blog are my own, if I, however, do happen to use any photographs which aren’t mine it will be stated that I’ve used someone else photograph and there will also be a link to the original source of where the photograph came from. This will also have permission from the photograph owner.
If in the future I have the opportunity to work with any companies, I will never lie about the products with what I feel about them. Just because I was given a chance to work with a company doesn’t mean I would ever upsell their product if I personally didn’t like it, I will also state my reasoning in the blog post. This would be done in a professional way as I know that just because something didn’t work for me that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for anyone else.
Working with me…
If you ever wanted to do a guest post on my blog you are always more than welcome to contact me with details about the post you would like to do. I would be more than happy to let you as long as the content of the post does tie in with what my blog is all about and I know my readers would enjoy it.
If you are a company who would want me to do a sponsored post or review a product my email is below I would be more than happy for you to get in contact with me with the details. I will say I will only ever work with company’s when the content does relate to my blog and what I already posted. And all reviews and post will be 100% honest with my thoughts.
If you would like to contact me regarding anything on my blog or if you would like to work with me my email is – kellylouise@withlovekelly.co.uk