George at ASDA: Bra’s…

Let’s talk lingerie, more specifically bra’s.

Buying bras have always seemed something of a little be of a pain for me; I can never find ones that fit nicely and comfortably. I tried many different bras and stores, but none seemed to be right for me. I could find some that seemed to fit perfectly and then after a few washes they weren’t as comfortable and didn’t fit half, as well as they, did before they went in the wash. I was walking around my local ASDA when I decided to have a look at some of their bra’s they have in stock, see if there were any nice ones. Personally had tired one when I was around 17 but never gone back and after not being able to find the right ones for me lately, I thought I would try again.

I managed to decide on a set after standing and looking through them for around half hour. When I decided was still very doubtful that I would like how they fit, especially after they had been washed. Scared a little, I didn’t want to spend more money to find out that they were still no good for me after a week or two. However after having them around three weeks now, they haven’t let me down at all.

Price: It only cost me £12. For the set of Embroidered Balcony Bras. Which I think is highly reasonable for two bras. It isn’t overpriced, and you aren’t paying for something you won’t like in the end.

Comfort: Well this is what had me. The support that these bras will give you is fantastic. You don’t feel trapped halfway through the day, and like you need to take it off as soon as. I find them incredible if you are anything like me and you have long days at work. Even after several washes they still feel as soft as they did when I first bought them and they are still comfortable to wear.

Detail: These bras are relatively simple, but you can see they do have some detail too them. I don’t feel like a bra needs to have much detail unless it’s for the dress up in the bedroom or you have an outfit on that shows the bra.

Where have you found is the best place to buy your lingerie from?

Kelly Louise


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