It’s only me with a new name!

Some of you may know me as I did have a previous blog which was ‘Little Yorkshire Girl.’ However a lot has changed, I decided I no longer liked the blog name that I had, and I also wanted to go self-hosted with my blog.

I feel like the reason I wasn’t blogging as much as I couldn’t have been was due to the fact I wasn’t as happy with some of the content I had done and I just wasn’t happy with the blog at all. I had out grown the name so fast compared to when I first created that blog I loved it and thought it was perfect. It just wasn’t anymore for me.

I knew there were some risks with changing my blog name; I just didn’t expect to lose all photos on every single blog post. One minute they were all there and the next they had gone. Heartbroken wasn’t the word, especially since some of these photos I no longer had on my phone or laptop. Honestly, I could have cried. But I have seen this as an opportunity to start completely again with my new name which I do like now. So I will take something useful out of this unfortunate situation I found myself in. I would like to prewarn you I have saved some of the posts I loved from my old blog that didn’t have pictures, and I will be posting them again, I hope you don’t mind this. I just didn’t want to lose those completely. I will state on the post which ones they are.

Going self-hosted is something I always wanted to do when I fully started blogging again now my job has settled down a lot more I felt it was time. Even though I know, there will come a time when my career becomes busy again, but that’s where I am getting a grip more on getting posts scheduled and preparing for if and when it does happen again. I blogged a few years back, and I was self-hosted then, which is the main reason I knew going self-hosted was for me.

Kelly Louise


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