My 5 Biggest Pet Peeves…

We all have those little things that we can’t stand no matter how much try to ignore it. I have many little things that annoy me which I have tried to ignore and block out but at times it’s so hard to do so.  I really can’t handle something’s and it’s usually always the same thing every time I get frustrated. Here are 5 of the biggest pet peeve’s I have.

  1. People talking while they are chewing. I honestly believe there is no worse noise in the world than having to listen to someone chomp on their food while they are talking to you.
  2. Listening to someone snore when I’m trying to sleep. I just can’t do it, it frustrates me badly. It’s very rare that my partner falls asleep before me but when he does this comes into play and I lay rolling around trying to sleep.
  3. Impolite people. Manners cost absolutely nothing use them. If someone does something for you say thank you. If you want something you say please, it really will not hurt you.
  4. Someone talking over me. If I start a conversation with someone about anything I do hope to finish what I was saying before they start. Whether it was important or not I just don’t like someone trying to talk over me especially if I was trying to get my point across about something.
  5. Lies. Im sure we are all together on this one, there’s no need. Someone lying straight to your face when you know exactly what they are doing is horrible. Don’t lie it doesn’t make you a better person and a liar will always get caught up.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Kelly Louise


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