My Highlights Of 2017…

I’ve finally found some free time for myself to sit down with my laptop and give my blog some love. I have been so busy with work and then Christmas soon come around and it was time to spend any spare time I had in-between work and sleeping, with family. Which I absolutely love seeing them and there are parts of my boyfriends family that I have never met so it was nice to meet them for his sake. 2017 has been one of those years for me it has had many highs and lows, without a doubt the highs do outweigh the lows.

1 main thing from this year I am certainly proud of is passing my driving test, without a doubt the best thing I could have done. If for any reason you may be scared to learn to drive, take that first step into learning, give one lesson a go and see how it goes for you. I was scared to learn but I knew it was something I would regret if I never attempted it. I’ve now been driving for 7months and I couldn’t imagine my life without my car.

Moving out of my parent’s house and into a flat with my partner was another big thing for me. I’d been very wary of relationships after one’s id had in my past, but I now live with a partner again and I still do have days where I can get down and wonder why I moved out of my parents house but that is simply because I did also move away don’t get me wrong its only 30miles but it is still a big adjustment for me, I always said I wouldn’t move out of my hometown. But my car also helps me out alot there and i feel so much more independent again now.

My job, with having a car my job is taking me places it wouldn’t have before and I am playing a big part in getting stores ready from there old company to open up with the company I work for. I love it. I love travelling to different sites and seeing how they work. I have also met some amazing people and its been so much fun to work alongside them.

These are the three biggest things that have happened for me this year and I truly wouldn’t have done any of them if it wasn’t for stepping out of my comfort zone in different aspect with each thing. I’m highly grateful for each of them and the people who have helped me out along the way.

One more thing is I also decided to blog again and I do love it and wish at times I could be more active but sometimes work takes over and I come home and just want to relax and watch a film just to spend time with my partner. This is something I do hope to change next year, I intend on learning how to balance my time a lot better so that I can fit everything in as well as making sure I do have at least one new post every week for you. I would also love to get to know the community better and find myself with some blogging friends whether they are close by so we can meet up or if they are far away and it just consists of messaging and supporting each other that way.

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