Not All Mothers Are Perfect, Not All Fathers Are Useless..

This post, I will warn you is a little sensitive.

Not all mothers are perfect, and not all fathers are useless.

I absolutely hate how a child’s mother has so much more right than a child’s father does. You will always see more stories about a father who can’t be bothered with his child or doesn’t want to pay out for them. But where are all the stories about the mothers who are the same or have the child in their custody and are so incapable of looking after the child’s needs?

I have found myself in a relationship with someone who was a father and deserved to have more rights to his children than their mother did. In the end, they both lost out. This mother claimed that the father was out to get her and take the children off her so she couldn’t have them. So one morning she has decided it was time to do what she thought was acceptable to get herself away from the situation and made some false allegations that the father was beating her and the home wasn’t safe for her and the children to be in. This meant with what the system is like in the UK these allegations were taken seriously, don’t get me they wrong they should be. However, you would then think the police would go and arrest the father and do their investigations but no they didn’t, and he had to find out that they had been taken out of the house for their safety by the police when he went to report them missing. Still no sign of an arrest or any investigations. Then at 3 o’clock the morning after he made some allegations to the police that the children weren’t safe and the mother wasn’t in the right frame of mind to look after them. However men aren’t always taken so seriously when they make allegations, so this was never checked up on. The next morning they were all due to meet at nursery when the mother didn’t turn up with the children, but then the father got a phone call from the mother saying she had caused fatal injuries to the children. The father refused to believe this story, but the staff at the nursery did and phoned the police about it when they had gone to see her it was true.

This is where my point comes in as to why aren’t fathers taken so seriously when they have concerns? Maybe if they had listened to him, this wouldn’t have happened if they took him as seriously as they did when she made her allegations more could have been done for those young children. I fully believe that a father should have just as much right to their children as a mother should unless it is proven that they aren’t capable of being what that child needs. A mother isn’t better than a father; I don’t believe that just because they carried the child for nine months, they deserve to have more rights. A child needs both parents in their life if they are both capable. There are stories where you will see that maybe the mother had died due to health issues and the father has done a fantastic job bringing his children up. These stories show that there are fathers out there that can put their children before anything that is going on in their life whether they are with the mother or not.

I was thinking to do maybe a post on what it is like being in a relationship with someone who has been deeply affected by a criminal fatality and what it is like to live with them. Let me know if this is something you would like to see in a future post.

Kelly Louise


**This was a post from Little Yorkshire Girl

2 comments on “Not All Mothers Are Perfect, Not All Fathers Are Useless..

  1. This is so true! It’s high time people stop considering mothers to always be the right one and the fathers to be the ones who don’t give a shit about their children. It’s absolutely wrong. I think the child needs love, guidance and proper care; doesn’t matter who gives it to them. It’s important to view both the parents as equal and consider both to potentially be the best of two.

    1. Thank you for reading! I do feel so sorry for children who don’t get the love and attention they deserve and the parents who don’t get to give that love and attention to their child.x

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