Harry Potter Studios…

My boyfriend had decided to surprise me with a trip to the Harry Potter Studios a few week back for my birthday. I have to say he did so well with this. He knows how much love I have for the films, so I was highly excited when I found out the day before, even with having to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning having me feel like it was another work day. I had been told about the tour from my boyfriend’s brother who had been with his partner who is an avid fan. He mentioned how you are also able to try their butterbeer but really wouldn’t recommend it as he found it vile. Personally, I wish I hadn’t it really wasn’t nice. I’d just thought I would share some of the pictures that I got while walking around.

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George at ASDA: Bra’s…

Let’s talk lingerie, more specifically bra’s.

Buying bras have always seemed something of a little be of a pain for me; I can never find ones that fit nicely and comfortably. I tried many different bras and stores, but none seemed to be right for me. I could find some that seemed to fit perfectly and then after a few washes they weren’t as comfortable and didn’t fit half, as well as they, did before they went in the wash. I was walking around my local ASDA when I decided to have a look at some of their bra’s they have in stock, see if there were any nice ones. Personally had tired one when I was around 17 but never gone back and after not being able to find the right ones for me lately, I thought I would try again.

I managed to decide on a set after standing and looking through them for around half hour. When I decided was still very doubtful that I would like how they fit, especially after they had been washed. Scared a little, I didn’t want to spend more money to find out that they were still no good for me after a week or two. However after having them around three weeks now, they haven’t let me down at all.

Price: It only cost me £12. For the set of Embroidered Balcony Bras. Which I think is highly reasonable for two bras. It isn’t overpriced, and you aren’t paying for something you won’t like in the end.

Comfort: Well this is what had me. The support that these bras will give you is fantastic. You don’t feel trapped halfway through the day, and like you need to take it off as soon as. I find them incredible if you are anything like me and you have long days at work. Even after several washes they still feel as soft as they did when I first bought them and they are still comfortable to wear.

Detail: These bras are relatively simple, but you can see they do have some detail too them. I don’t feel like a bra needs to have much detail unless it’s for the dress up in the bedroom or you have an outfit on that shows the bra.

Where have you found is the best place to buy your lingerie from?

Kelly Louise


Explaining my Tattoos.. Part 1

My first tattoo was a little flower on my wrist that my brother and sister in law had paid for it. I had this done on my 18th birthday. I had become obsessed with the thought of having tattoos as I grew up with four brothers 3 of whom all have tattoos and I just couldn’t wait to have my own done.

I decided that my first tattoo had to be something that wasn’t too big due to the fact it was my first one and I wanted to get the feel of it first before I got anything more significant. So I choose something small and simple that still looked nice at the same time. I do however now want to add to this tattoo as I’m not as keen as I was when I first had it done but I couldn’t ever get it covered up with it being my first and my brother had paid for it.

I have decided to add this little section to my blog as tattoos are a love of mine and I always have people asking me why I got them or what tattoos I have. In total at the minute, I have eight tattoos, meaning there will be eight posts in this section, I’ll have a new one up every month for you if you are at all curious to see what else I have.

Little Me


Chris Ryan’s Books…

I hope you all have had a great weekend.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram Chris Ryan is a name you will have seen many times. I’m obsessed with his books! His books are so detailed; you can imagine yourself standing there watching it all happen in front of you. I currently have finished his Danny Black series and without a doubt that was a set of books I couldn’t put down. The story keeps you reading; I’ve read some books that I couldn’t finish as they didn’t grip me enough. However this one had me, I wanted to know what their mission would be and how would it end. I just need the last book now, and I’m so impatient it’s unreal, I NEED to know what happens. I was hoping I would find that it wasn’t just this series of his books that I would like so I went out and bought another. It turns out it wasn’t just that series, his books all follow through with the same detail and have the ability to grip you in the first few pages. And once it’s gripped you that’s it, you can’t wait to finish the book, see where it ends, see who wins the battle.

Chris Ryan is an ex-SAS soldier who turned into an author. He was a SAS soldier for ten years from when he was 23 years old in 1984. During the Gulf War, Chirs Ryan was the only one of eight men to escape from Iraq. 3 of whom were killed, and 4 of them were captured. This must be something that is so bittersweet for him, knowing he got out alive but he also lost those who were alongside him. Chris received a military medal for this as it was the longest escape and evasion in the SAS history. I think Chris being an ex SAS soldier is something that makes him the incredible author that he is. The detail he can go into you can tell he has experience; it’s not the type of detail you would learn from reading about the military and operations and what happens on them, you’d have to have a little intel of seeing these scenes having smelt the different scents around you.

My dad used to be in the RAF when he was younger, and he always used to tell me stories of what he had been through and what he’d seen. Even though I had heard these stories several times over that never stopped me getting excited when he began to tell them. I think that may have something to do with my love for these books. Give me a military story anytime, and I’ll listen. I have so much respect for the people who go out there knowing their life in on the line for their country. It takes a brave person to be able to walk out of their house knowing it could be the last time they do that.

I am on a little mission to have bought and read all of his books; I cant stay away.

Have you read any of his books?

Kelly Louise


Moving Out Again…

Hello, How has your weekend been?

Moving out again? For me, the first time around it was so easy for me, and I couldn’t wait to move out I was so excited to move. However, no matter how excited I was at the time I think it was for all the wrong reasons, and I just wanted to see what it was like to have full independence away from my parents and to see what it was like, see if I could cope on my own with my then partner. Turns out nope it wasn’t the time for me, and I had moved back to my parents two years later.

Two and a half years later it was time for me to move out again. However, this time for me was a lot different. I wasn’t just moving out of my parents; I was also moving away from my hometown. Yes, it might not have been a thousand miles away as I had been told several times but to me, it was still moving away from everything and everyone I had ever known. It had taken me a year and a half to be able to call my parent’s house home again. I never felt like it was home anymore after being away for so long, it just wasn’t my home. So even after all that I then decided to move away from my hometown and everything that was comforting to me, a huge step for someone like me who sad I would never do it. This is also what turned me back to blogging. It’s given me my escape while I’m adjusting to moving away from home and finding new comforts in my house and a new hometown.

Moving out is all about having your independence somewhere you can call your home, knowing you can be proud of everything you have achieved inside. When I moved into my partners home I was lucky as I was around when he first got it and everything that has happened inside I was allowed to give my opinion on the layout and the furniture he bought (yes, he never had to listen, and he could have said no) but we both have the same sense of style, luckily.

For me here are some of the comforts:

– Being able to feel safe.

– Enjoying being in my home.

– Having my personal space.

– Adding my items to make it feel like my home.

– Feeling like I don’t have to ask my partner if its okay for me to do something.

Moving out of my parents has so many benefits: Even though I didn’t have to pay out as much as I do now, it’s incredible to feel like I don’t have to depend on my mum and dad for everything. I don’t feeling like they need to feel like they have to look after me or treat me like a child because I still live with them. I found I have so much more respect for my parents after I moved out the first time as I don’t have any children to provide for and at times I have found it can be hard so I dread to think how hard they could have found it at times.

Kelly Louise


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