These are somethings I’d like to tell my younger self..

The most important thing I want to tell you, love yourself.

It indeed took me a while to know how to love myself without someone’s approval, but I got there. It took for me to have a small break down after a relationship ended and no one seemed to be around for me. I learned to be on my own; I learned to depend on just me. I was the one who sorted all my problems out I didn’t have anyone who would fully listen to me. And as hard as it was it helped me in so many ways.

Never be afraid to be yourself and never be ashamed of your body or what happens too it.

I have been size 16 and size 8, and not one size made me happier than the other, it was different peoples judgment that affected my emotions. Most people are going to be judgemental about you don’t let this dictate your happiness. Be your happiness! I have had many infections (not sexual may I add), and I will openly tell someone what is wrong with me, I didn’t ask to get an infection down there and for it to cause me to be ill. I won’t be ashamed it doesn’t make me a dirty person, it makes me an average person I don’t have the best of immune systems everything seems to make me ill.

Depending on someone isn’t always a bad thing.

I never depend on anyone, and I always thought that was the best way to be, but at nearly 24, I have found that sometimes it isn’t and you do just need someone to vent to and let everything out at times. So no it isn’t always a bad thing just don’t learn to always depend on someone, know you are capable of doing things on your own and sorting your problems out.

Friends will not always be there.

As much as I’d tell my younger self-depending on someone isn’t bad, but depending on the wrong person is. All those friends who ever said they would be there, I wish I never believed it until it was proved. Because there wasn’t anyone there when I needed it. Be very careful who you do depend on.

Moving away isn’t a bad thing either don’t be so scared.

After moving away from my home town don’t get me wrong it is only 30 minutes away by car, but at the time I couldn’t drive. I was so scared to do it, but I got there in the end and took the leap. I still don’t know anyone in the town I live apart from my partners family, but moving away has helped me see who does care and the family and friends I need in my life and which I don’t.

24 Year Old me


**This was a post from Little Yorkshire Girl

Why I Do My Own Nails…

I am always changing my nails weekly and I’ve found sometimes it can be more than once a week. Since I cant stick to having the same nails, it isn’t a good idea for me to pay someone to do them for me not to like them a week later as I would want them off and to be changed. It would cost me so much money in the end.

I have so many nail polishes in my collection, and I am continually adding to them. So I think it would be a waste of time to have them all at there and let someone else do my nails. I have found myself watching endless amounts of YouTube videos to get ideas when I don’t want to keep to the plain design I have most of the time.

I have found that Elegant Touch false nails are the perfect sets to have when it comes to doing your nails yourself as they fit on so perfectly and they do last on average about a week if you not like me who would like to change them more often than not. Also, they are clear, so you have the perfect base for painting a design onto them, especially if you want to add a pattern or something more than plan nails.

I’m pretty much the same with everything saying this. If I were to dye my hair, I would rather do it myself then have someone else do it. Yes, sometimes this isn’t always the best idea as it could have been done a lot quicker with a lot less damage but that’s still a risk I am willing to take.

Would you rather do your nails?

Little Me


Yes, I am Female..Part 2

I absolutely loved writing my ‘Yes I am female’ post, and I feel like I got a good response from it as I had hope, I hope to encourage people never to feel ashamed or embarrassed about the way they look or anything that is to ever happen to their body. So here is part two for you and I hope you enjoy it just as much as the first one I did. If there is any topic’s that may fit into the ‘Yes I Am Female’ posts and you would like me to cover my thoughts and opinions on them let me know, and I can always do a ‘Part 3’. I absolutely love writing these; I feel I have so much passion when it comes to them, I could go on for days with them.

Make-up – A lot of girls wear make-up now, its a part of life for me as it is for me, every day to wake up and put it on if I am leaving the house. However, I have also found I will push myself sometimes to have that makeup free day if I feel my skin needs a little breathing time. A girls make-up all comes down to her, and how she wants it, she’ll never do it for anyone else. You don’t wake up in the morning and think yes I need to do it this way because I see so and so person. It simply doesn’t work like that. You do it to make yourself happy, make yourself feel a little more confident maybe. Don’t let anyone tell you; you should change how you do it, if it makes you happy keep it that way. And to the girls who don’t wear it, don’t feel like you should as you see everyone else wearing it daily, I absolutely envy the girls who don’t wear it and don’t feel they need it. Id love to wake up and times and be able not to do it, but once you’re used to it, it becomes a habit. Be proud of how you are whether you are a make-up wearer or you don’t wear it at all or even if you are in-between. You are your own person, and you create your own happiness and confidence daily don’t let anyone put you down for your make-up or no make-up ways!

Weight- Now my weight has constantly been up and down my biggest being a size 16 and my smallest being a size 8. If I’m honest being a size, 8 didn’t make me any happier than I was when I was a size 16. The way it is all portrayed now in society is as if a girl should be a size 8 or less to be happy. WRONG! Your size doesn’t dictate your happiness, you do. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t match society’s standards. I absolutely love that you now see more plus size models than you did, and they have an amazing figure. I think that they send out the right message to young girls just to show them they don’t have to be stick thin to get someone to like them or to fit in. All models I believe should be shown in every size, just to show how different bodies can be and show that you don’t need to be a size 8 to look good. Don’t let anyone put you down about your size; you are perfect the way you are. Wear the clothes that you love, and wear them with pride. I’ll be the first to admit I have my days where I’m not a fan of my weight, and I’d like to lose some or gain some, everyone does that’s normal. But like me, don’t let yourself stay with those days let them come and go and then find otherwise to be comfortable with your own body. The way I do this is finding clothes that I love the look on myself, whether it be that they may show off parts of my body I like or whether they hide little things that niggle me on those bad days. But I refuse to be ashamed of it or feel like I have to lose or gain weight for someone else’s happiness just because they don’t like the way I look.

Remember you are perfect in your own way and be proud of it and show it off!

Kelly Louise


**This was a post from Little Yorkshire Girl

Yes, I am Female..

Yes, I am a female, yes I get periods every month, yes I have suffered from water infections, bacterial infections or thrush. No that doesn’t mean I’m an unclean person or that I have to hide it. This weeks post is all about us girls. I’m a very open person if I’m unwell I’m not afraid to say what’s wrong or walk into a shop and get the correct products to help me get better.

Periods- They happen too many of us. I know a lot of people who will go into the shop look for their tampons or pads and hide them away under some other shopping they have. Or if they are unwell due to some of the symptoms that can come along with a period they work their way around it instead of saying. We didn’t ask to be female or have this happen to us every month so why should we feel we shouldn’t speak about it when it happens?

Infections- Yes they are not the nicest things to happen down they nor are they something to be ashamed of. It is a very sensitive part of the body, and the smallest bit of ‘bad’ bacteria that gets in there can set something off. Sometimes it can just be a case of what you have washed with or the bubble bath you have used. I have suffered many water infections and one case of thrush and vaginal vaginosis. I do fully understand why some people wouldn’t want to say, but don’t be made to feel like your ‘dirty’ or anything like that.

I have a male friend at work, and I’m really not afraid to tell him what’s going on with me when I’m a little moody or feeling under the weather, I will happily just say Mother Nature. I do however remember his face the first time when he asked me, and that was my response, it was that look as if to say ‘thanks but I didn’t need to know that.’ However to me it’s normal it happens every month, and I’m not afraid to say, I’m not afraid of the reaction I can receive. If someone is going to ask I’m am going to say, I’m not in the wrong for saying what’s wrong with me just because they are male and don’t go through it. I refuse to feel I should hide it or be a little more inclined to hide what I am buying or what I am going to see my doctor for. Don’t get me wrong I may be a little more quiet about if I get an infection down below and just say I’m not well but if they ask again I will just say, I’m not shy about it or ashamed it happened to me.

So, Yes I am female, and I am proud of that. I refuse to hide any ‘female problems’ that I ever have in life just because someone may find it ‘vile’ or ‘disgusting.’ I’m sorry, but it’s not it happens, it can be a part of life for us females, I won’t let someone make me feel dirty or disgusting with what happens to my body.

Kelly Louise

**This was a post from Little Yorkshire Girl


Now I will be the first to admit I absolutely hate dentists and have the biggest fear ever for them. I will always put them off unless I absolutely have to go with an unbearable toothache. Ever since I can remember I’ve had this fear and then I’ve had some awful experiences which just made it worse. Whenever I go to the dentists, I start to shake and can’t stop myself until I come out and I am back home, and this happens even if it is only a check-up.

So last year while deciding it was time to conquer some of my fears this was another one of them. When I was around nine years old, I was out playing in a friends garden, who had one of those swing sets with the two swings and a swinging seesaw. I was about to get on one side of the seesaw when the friend of mine decided to start swinging on it, and that’s when I began to hate my teeth. The seesaw hit me straight in my mouth and spilled one of my front teeth in half. So off to the dentist it was for me, and they had to rebuild my front tooth. Ever since then it hasn’t been the same (naturally), but it sticks out of line from my other teeth. If it weren’t for that, I would like my teeth. But since that first build up it would seem to fall off, and I kept having to go back, I once had a dentist do it who I nearly punched (not on purpose) as a reaction to the anaesthetic and pain with it being in the front of my gum and me being only young it hurt, a lot. So my arm automatically just shot up towards the dentist who caused the pain and his assistant had to catch my arm.The next experience with that tooth and that built my fear was when a different dentist went to build it back up and dropped one of the tools into my hair, and then carried on with said tool in my mouth, I was traumatized. I went home and cried, and my mum complained, I haven’t ever seen the dentist since. I did finally have it built up where it eventually was strong and hasn’t fallen out since.

However since the age of 16 and being able to make my own appointments I didn’t until last year, and I was 22. So that’s 6years without seeing a dentist and ill admit I didn’t look after my teeth properly as I took a lot of bullying with my front tooth when I was younger, so I thought there was no hope and just abandoned them. Which now I wish I hadn’t, but I cant go back, so I just have to deal with it. This trip ended up with me having four teeth out and three fillings. 3 of those teeth which I had out confirmed my fear a lot more than I thought. I could feel everything she was doing ever pull every little bit of pressure which also meant I also had all the pain I shouldn’t feel, I felt it. Every little bit. The shaking I used to become worse, I was laid on the chair with tears streaming down my face, and there was nothing she could do for me she used so much anaesthetic that she could and yes she could have stopped, but I wanted it over and done with so I didn’t have to go through it again, so I never told her how much it did hurt. It took an hour to get two teeth out which should have took 15minutes each at most. And that was all my fault as I didn’t look after them as I should have.

But I was back again yesterday, and as scared and shaky as I was I came away happy. I found out that my teeth are all great at the minute, it’s my gums which need a little more care. But as long as I get them to a healthier and strong place my new dentist will finally look at my front too to put a crown on it and get it back into the place it should be and back in line. I may finally get to a place where I can smile and show my teeth a little. I may finally have more confidence with new people as right now I feel they are judging me by that tooth and the way it looks.

Have you ever had a bad experience with the dentists?

Kelly Louise


**This was a post from Little Yorkshire Girl