Explaining my Tattoos.. Part 1

My first tattoo was a little flower on my wrist that my brother and sister in law had paid for it. I had this done on my 18th birthday. I had become obsessed with the thought of having tattoos as I grew up with four brothers 3 of whom all have tattoos and I just couldn’t wait to have my own done.

I decided that my first tattoo had to be something that wasn’t too big due to the fact it was my first one and I wanted to get the feel of it first before I got anything more significant. So I choose something small and simple that still looked nice at the same time. I do however now want to add to this tattoo as I’m not as keen as I was when I first had it done but I couldn’t ever get it covered up with it being my first and my brother had paid for it.

I have decided to add this little section to my blog as tattoos are a love of mine and I always have people asking me why I got them or what tattoos I have. In total at the minute, I have eight tattoos, meaning there will be eight posts in this section, I’ll have a new one up every month for you if you are at all curious to see what else I have.

Little Me


6 comments on “Explaining my Tattoos.. Part 1

  1. love this idea! i really like the flower, your brother has some talent 🙂
    I only have one tattoo.. but I do want to get maybe one or two more in the future 🙂

  2. Love this post – I’ve always been fascinated with tattoos myself! I’ve got one but not sure about getting another. I go back and forth 🙈 xx

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