Explaining my Tattoos.. Part 3

Firstly – HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this is an excellent year for you.

The third one I had done was the words “Never Look Back” on the side of my hand.

This tattoo does have a reason behind it. It was such a simple tattoo to have done at such a complicated time in my life. I was on the verge of breaking up with a boyfriend, and I knew it was something that I wanted and needed to do for myself, but that never meant it was something that was going to be easy for me to do. It was very hard ill admit it. But at some point in life, you do need to do what is best for you and not to look back and take yourself back into that place you were before. So once I had made that step and split from him, there were many times I was thinking maybe I should go back but I was always telling myself “never look back” and that’s where the idea come from for this tattoo.

You can see Part 2 – Here.

Little Me


7 comments on “Explaining my Tattoos.. Part 3

  1. I like your tattoos. I love tattoos. I only have one little one, but hoping to get more. I love learning about the stories behind other peopleโ€™s tattoos. Thank you for sharing and happy new year xx

    1. Thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed! Oh, you certainly won’t regret it when you finally get one, for me its definitely an addiction now.x

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